Decktalk „A Void Thing“

Lately I got thoroughly fascinated with Nether Void and did some research on deck options. As I cultivate a secret crush for underdog color combo Green and Black since my youth, it was decided to assemble a Golgari Void deck. And  oh boy, if old schoolers have a natural tendency to pity non-Blue brews for lack of Power, this one here will teach them a lesson: Void Thing has flavor and impact!

Let’s start with the name giving card: Nether Void puts everything in disorder and most decks will not be amused once every spell they play is countered unless 3 colorless are paid. Playsets of Crumble and Ice Storms don’t make their lives easier, and also handle the notorious Mishra’s.

Talking Mishra’s: Together with Uncle Juzam they make for a nasty win con, supported by 4 Black Vise that really start to hurt once the Void is set and the hand fills up with cards. If you get locked by your own Void which happens regularly, make sure to ditch an Ivory Tower and enjoy the Life Point breeze while building up your mana base with help of Sylvan Library.

I came to reduce my Removal ratio Main Board as the local meta tends to make creatures a rare breed, and opted for 1 Maze of Ith (1-2 more in SB) and 2 Drop of H(oney) – the latter being such a brilliant answer to Aggro… „come lick the honey weenie“

And the ultimate fun card? Storm Seeker! Bam!! 1 Main Board and 2 Side Board are set. Why? Besides creatures and Black Vise it is a third damage source, a surprise finisher that no one expects and… such a nasty move after opponent casts his Ancestral.

Other Sideboard options besides Maze of Ith and Storm Seeker might be Gloom against White, Terror against creatures, Scavenger Folk against artifacts and Erhnam Djinn in case Uncle Juzam needs some help.

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  1. very nice deck!

    i tried a similar version of this deck, also under swedish rules, but it was difficult to make it work vs large number of t1-t2 decks. i feel the missing 3 strip mines balance the land count for an early nether void in EC perfectly out, while for swedish rules they have to be subsidized by basic lands.

    How did the deck work out for you? Are the drop worth to include , compared to paralyses, ashes to ashes or just swords to plowshares (if ones adds a 3rd color)? also, how good are the ivory towers? drawing them in the lategame might be a dead draw or?

    thanks for your answers =)

    1. Thanks for your comment, yes indeed: the Void works better in EC with a playset of mighty strip mines. The Drop is not a prerequisite but I loved to try it out. Paralyse for Removal and Blight instead of Ice Storm and you can even go for a mono black version (crumbles missing though)
      It is definitely more a tier 2 deck, but in our community we love to try out new creative brews instead of the notorious The Deck and UW Skies piles.

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