MWC4 – the 4th Miracle Worker Cup is on the way >> 29th of June

Hey old school folks,

it is time again: announcement of the 4th Miracle Worker Cup, so come celebrate the spirit of the olde cards at our renowned Frankfurt MTG Old School tournament, hosted by

Stay true to the benefits of the rambling Atlantic format and enjoy the non competitive non discriminating atmosphere of friend- and companionship where crazy and creative deck builds rule the house.

Format: Atlantic Old School Sets, Rules and Ban/Restriction list apply.

Special: Proxies allowed without limits, regardless whether Revised, Italian Legends, 4th Edition, IE/CE or DIY Print-outs, original artwork recommended though.

But please: Miracle Worker Cup is about fun and innovation, so don’t just copy the latest Manolakos Deck! Be creative and courageous and brew your own original personal incarnation 🙂

Style: Swiss-system tournament, 4 rounds minimum

Fee: 2€

Trophy for the winner: one original altered The Dark Miracle Worker signed by all tournament players.

Trophy for most creative deck: one original altered Glasses of Urza.

Venue: Ginnheimer Wirtshaus

Adress: Am Ginnheimer Wäldchen 8, 60431 Frankfurt

Timing: 29th of June 2019 tournament starts at 2pm sharp. Please bring a Deckphoto on your smartphone for post-tourney documentation purposes.

Registration: until June 28 via email to jerome[at]

About: the 4th Miracle Worker Cup is hosted by the Frankfurt Germany Old School MTG Community and is a non-sanctioned private event for friends and fans of the 9394 MTG format.

To ensure highest quality deck builds and for inclusion purposes we go with the adage of Liga Catalunya de Old School and allow „Proxies sin Limite“.

For those who’ve got the money to buy the world (and the Power 9): Be humble, welcome the new players and fathom the chance to play in a creative and non-discriminating environment, where skills outperform wealth.

For those without significant 9394 card pool: be bold, get inspiration on Wak-Wak, but don’t just copy paste – let creativity free flow and build the deck you’ve always wanted to play.

As we favor the true and old flavor of the 9394 era of MTG we value fun and high spirits over competitiveness and discrimination in this tournament, so besides Proxies and casual table talk we don’t mind a few beers neither.

Registration is open and we’re happy to have you taking part in the 4th Miracle Worker Cup on 29 of June 2019

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