Tourney Report: the 3rd Miracle Worker Cup

The 3rd Miracle Worker Cup was a blast!

The first Atlantic format styled Old School tournament in Germany attracted a jolly bunch of seasoned MTG players who brought an amazing variety of creative decks rarely featured in regular matches.

With the Atlantic Old School format the tournament organizers decided to introduce the so called London mulligan rule which was great fun and adopted easily, as well as a 60 minutes match time limit – which was still not enough time for many flavor matches 😉

My personal deck choice for this afternoon was an EeryDiscoEve:

Taking the the reanimate theme even further I opted for mighty Nevinyrrals Disk in order to clean the board for my recurrent All Hallows Eve party, which proved to be amazing. Disk is one of the most notorious board cleaners, and who needs Sedge Trolls when he can reanimate Nicol Bolas? I went for 14 creatures, and had so much fun with Deep Spawn that I’d include a fourth one in future.

My first match (2-1) was against Tobstar who took the Mana Burn rule as deck theme and built his Surge’n’Destroy deck:

Surge’n’Destroy is built around the symptomatic Power Surge which forces you to use your mana every turn or take damage for every untapped land. Candelabra of Tawnos helped him to attack and pump his Mishra’s Factory while an early game Blood Moon transformed the boards into a Mountain landscape and blocked many players outright.

My second match (1-1 time out) was against Phil who really managed to build a potent TitaniasLock deck:

Phils deck taught me how mighty Icy Manipulator is. 4 Icy + 4 Relic Barriers are a nuisance, I can tell you. The classic Winter Orb completed the lock, and his card advantage thru Howling Mine (which I wouldn’t have thanks to his Relic Barrier) and Sylvan Library made me sit still until his finisher Titanias song came in for the 20 life points kill. Luckily enough I shipped in the second game with a risky Eve play just in time.

The last two matches were against two varieties of the prevalent Workshop Aggro theme.

While Sebastian (1-1 time out) built a BlueWhiteBrown version with white Power, Juggernaut, Triskelion, Tetravus and Su-Chi,

…Mathias (0-2) chose a mostly brown version with 7 blue spells and a playset of Icy Manipulator instead of Juggernaut:


And the winner of the 3rd Miracle Worker Cup was… Leif who brought his signature FantasyZoo deck and just simply smashed them all:

The mix of fast, efficient creatures like Savannah Lions, Su-Chi, Serendib Efreets and Serra Angel with white removal, blue power and the ultimate red burn suite proved overwhelming in todays Meta.


The most creative deck award was a tight decision between Jasper and Axel.

Jaspers NayaLegendary was a most impressive combo deck running bizarre Legends folks such as Stangg and Hazezon Tamar, who favorably interact with Gauntlet of Might and Karakas,

…while Axel made his youth dream come true to build a dedicated Merfolk deck. And his Atlantis themed deck was not only true to the format name and purely Tribal, but also fit for tourney: many opponents struggled hard against this blue weenie approach.

In the end the Miracle Worker trophy for the best deck after 4 rounds of Swiss went to Leif, and the Glasses of Urza trophy for most creative build went to Axel. Congratulations guys, thanks to everybody who participated in this tourney and stay tuned for 4th Miracle Worker Cup in June!