Decktalk B „Reanimator“

Today I’d like to share a Reanimation Decklist with you that reaped our Most Creative Brew award at the 2nd Miracle Worker Cup in Autumn 2018. Axel is a prime deck architect who always values a good tech twist over raw outperformance, so this is what he came up with.

Obviously the deck is built around Bazaar of Baghdad and All Hallow’s Eve, where the Bazaar puts your nasty creatures in the graveyard fast and most efficiently. No other card can replace Bazaar for reanimation purposes. The second most flavorful and effective card you’ll need is the Eve, one of (or indeed) the first suspend spell MTG has seen. Unless countered your opponent will not be able to stop your graveyard from being revived.

Concerning the pack of monsters Axel chose mighty Juzám that could be hard cast also with a silly Dark Ritual + Mox first turn. Triskelion and Tetravus are bad company for your adversary once resurrected and Yawgmoth Demon is full of flavor and a bad boy indeed.

The list is completed with Power, some Animate Dead in case All Hallow’s Eve is delayed and a Library of Leng that gives the opportunity to put discarded cards back on top of its owners library. You might have noticed that the deck misses one of the nastiest black cards – Mind Twist? Well, that’s Axels personal choice and reveals his character: „I just don’t like it being played on me, so I don’t play it on others“